French meets other languages: linguistic, literary and didactic approaches

Par Freiderikos Valetopoulos
Publication en ligne le 14 avril 2019

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1This volume aims to promote the scientific dynamics in the field of the Francophonie and Slavic studies. It is organized through an interdisciplinary approach around three axes.

2The language section offers six articles to reflect on different issues such as the place of translation in a language course (Lilita KOKKINA) or the contribution of a constructive approach both at the level of the lexicon, namely paremiology (Ivan JOVANOVIĆ) and the speaking of young people (Polina UKHOVA), at the syntactic level through an analysis of translations or dictionaries highlighting syntactic phenomena in two languages, French and Serbian (Selena STANKOVIĆ & Stanislav STANKOVIĆ) or French and Polish (Witold UCHEREK). This section is closed by an article on the translation of phraséological units between French and Russian (Svetlana BARUSHKOVA).

3The didactic section contains three articles and offers a panorama on various didactic questions: the teaching of French literature to Serbian learners (Vesna SIMOVIĆ), socio-cultural errors and their valorisation in the teaching of FLE to Hellenophone learners (Rinetta KIYITSIOGLOU) or, finally, the realization of the connection in a non-spontaneous speech of the Hellenophone, Greek and Cypriot learners (Freiderikos VALETOPOULOS & Olympia TSAKNAKI).

4The literary section brings together three articles on Franco-Slavic intercultural transfers: the first article focuses on the influences of French Impressionism on Polish painting and poetry at the end of the nineteenth century (Justyna BAJDA), while the second focuses on French-Slovenian literary relations offering a look at the state of research and perspectives (Florence GACOIN-MARKS). Finally, a contribution on the intercultural aspect of Julian Barnes' novel, Flaubert's Parrot, closes this section (Marija LETIC).

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